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While Green ITS research will benefit the entire automotive industry, program funding is only available to Green ITS researchers and industry partners.

All applications for funding support from Green ITS should be jointly developed by academic researchers and participating industry partners. As the program comprises a well-defined research strategy designed to meet a broad spectrum of objectives, proposed projects must align with specified Green ITS milestones.

Application Procedures:

Green ITS Applications, which must include both short project summary and detailed NSERC-CRD form components, should be submitted to the Research Finance Officer. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of the program. Click here to download the Green ITS application, which includes:

It is expected that all proposals with cash contributions from industry partners will also be submitted to a federal government funding agency, such as NSERC, APC, or Auto21, to secure matching funds.

Evaluation Process:

The scientific merit and strategic importance of each proposal will be evaluated by both the Green ITS Advisory Board and a committee of peer reviewers. Final approval of proposal funding is the responsibility of the Advisory Board; however recommendations obtained from impartial experts are required to support each funding decision.

Recommendations provided by review committees recruited to evaluate applications for matching federal funding will serve as sufficient for the peer review requirements of Green ITS. In cases where federal funding is not pursued, applicants must provide a list of 3 referees to whom Green ITS may send proposals for evaluation.

For more information:

We encourage applicants to contact us throughout proposal development to ensure project aims closely correspond with Green ITS objectives and to clarify any questions regarding budget guidelines and application procedures.