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Green ITS Board of Directors

  1. John Burgers
  2. Al Cormier
  3. Rick Culham
  4. David Curtis
  5. Stephen Erwin
  6. Amir Khajepour
  7. Bakhtiar Litkouhi
  8. Tim Schnarr

  1. John Burgers, Manager Advanced Technology and Research, Dana:

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  3. Al Cormier, Electric Mobility Canada (EMC),

  4. Al Cormier is the founding Executive Director of Electric Mobility Canada - Mobilite Electrique Canada a new Canadian organization dedicated to the promotion of electric mobility in Canada. In the mid 90's, Al has also founded The Centre for Sustainable Transportation, a nationally chartered not for profit organization dedicated to the achievement of sustainable transportation in Canada. Individuals and organizations worldwide respect the Centre's publications and research products. The Centre is now established as an institute within the University of Winnipeg.

    During his long career in transportation, Mr. Cormier has been the President and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Association for 18 years. He also worked in the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a Manager of urban transit programs. He has extensive contacts across Canada and internationally and has advocated for sustainable transportation programs for many years.

    Mr. Cormier is a member of several advisory committees to the federal government; other NGO's and recently chaired the Ontario Committee to develop transportation standards for disabled persons.

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  5. Rick Culham, Professor, Associate Dean, Research and External Partnerships, Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo

    • 25 years experience in thermal design for electrical and electronic systems
    • more than 120 peer reviewed technical papers in international journals and technical conferences
    • Analytical modelling of thermo/electric systems, including thin-film superlattice thermal electric devices for heat transfer at the micro and nano scale, i.e. point of source cooling (Peltier effect)
    • Experimental test facilities for characterization of thermal contact and spreading resistance, single and two phase convection cooling and power management of electrical systems
    • Development of cooling technologies to enhance heat transfer:
      • Development and characterization of thermal interface materials containing micro- to nano-scale conductive particles
      • Optimization of micro/nano-scale channels for heat transfer enhancement
    • Entropy generation minimization

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  6. David Curtis, Director - Asset Management Process and Policies,

  7. Hydro One Networks Inc.
    483 Bay Street, North Tower, 14th Floor
    Toronto, ON M5G 2P5
    Tel: 416-345-5922
    Fax: 416-345-6029

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  8. Stephen Erwin, Head, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Highway Standards Branch, Traffic Office, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario:

  9. Stephen Erwin has worked in a number of different roles with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for 24 years and currently leads the development of Policy, Planning and Programming for its Intelligent Transportation Systems program. In this current role he is responsible for understanding the opportunities presented by the rapidly advancing technological developments around the world, and for integrating these opportunities in to the plans of the ministry and its transportation partners.

    A key focus of the work of Stephen’s group this year is the Connected Vehicle – a broad concept that takes advantage of higher function communications and intelligence with and between vehicles, mobile devices, and the roadside, to provide a range of safety, mobility, convenience and entertainment services to the traveller. Emerging from this concept are tremendous opportunities to transform the management of transportation services by public and private sectors.

    Stephen is a Professional Engineer in Ontario and has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He is a member of ITS Canada; ITS America; the Institute of Transportation Engineers; a friend of TRBs ITS Committee, and the Chair of the Transportation Association of Canada's 511 Task Force.

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  10. Amir Khajepour, Professor, Canada Research Chair in Mechatronic Vehicle Systems, Executive Director- Waterloo Center for Automotive Research (WatCAR), Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo

  11. Dr. Khajepour is an expert in systems modeling and control of dynamic systems and has developed an extensive research program that applies his expertise in several key multidisciplinary areas. His research has resulted in 10 patents (5 awarded, 3 pending and 2 provisional), several technology transfers and 2 start-up companies. He has authored or co-authored more than 220 journal and conference publications, as well as 3 books and 6 book chapters. He is a recipient of three best paper awards, is a fellow of the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering, and is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems. The processes and technologies developed from much of Dr. Khajepour's research have been successfully translated to industry applications. His work in modeling, analysis, and in-situ optimization of vehicle mounting systems has produced a new method in optimization of passenger cars and pickup truck mounting systems that is currently used by a Tier 1 automotive company. His invention and subsequent development of a new class of cable robots has been patented and commercialized by a spin-off company. His pioneering work in the modeling and control of laser cladding is internationally recognized and has spawned new technology that has also been transferred to industry.

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  12. Bakhtiar Litkouhi, Ph.D., Lab Group Manager, Electrical & Controls Integration Lab., GM R&D Center:

  13. Dr. Litkouhi joined GM in 1985. Since 2004, he has been the Manager of Vehicle Control Systems Group. From August 2006 to March 2007, he was also the Acting Director of Electrical & Controls Integration Lab at GMR&D. In addition to his current responsibilities, he is the Program Manager for Autonomous Driving at GM R&D Center. Prior to joining GM, he was an assistant professor at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. in Systems Science, specializing in Controls. He has been involved in applied research and development in Intelligent Vehicle Systems, Advanced Chassis Control, Human Machine Interface, Systems Engineering and Control Integration, where he has made numerous contributions through publications and presentations.

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  14. Tim Schnarr, Vice Chair of ITS Canada, and VP of Transportation Systems at Delcan:

  15. Mr. Schnarr is a Vice President and Principal of Delcan Corporation with over 30 years of professional experience working on a broad range of transportation and traffic operations projects throughout the world. Over the past 25 years he has specialized in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and has managed related planning, design and implementation projects across Canada and around the world. As a Vice President, Mr. Schnarr is responsible for all ITS related projects undertaken by Delcan in Canada.

    Mr. Schnarr is currently on the Board of Directors of ITS Canada, serving as Vice-Chairman.

    Mr. Schnarr received his B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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